By J. Allen • • 19 Aug 2013

New Album Announcement

Vega by Midnite - Santa Nella

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the second Vega by Midnite LP, Santa Nella – out October 15th, on Agua de Sed Records. Santa Nella was recorded in Arizona (Flagstaff, Tucson, Parks), New Mexico (Gallup), and Oregon (Portland), between January 2012 and July 2013. Mostly recorded on four-track cassette, and self-produced by the band, the album was created during Vega by Midnite’s transition from a regularly performing band to an interstate recording project. Santa Nella features twenty-four new tracks, and will be available as a free download from the band’s website. In the meantime, follow the link below to download “The Kingpin”, the first single from the album.


1. The Colony
2. A Career in Architecture
3. Majored in Queensrÿche
4. The Lecture
5. Electrified Tape Centennial
6. Ten-Year Miniseries
7. Man of the Hour
8. Minion Convention
9. Little Old Me
10. Theme From “Tracksuit Detectives”
11. Worker and Parasite
12. London Steampunk Holiday
13. Santa Nella
14. Phonetic Disaster
15. For the People Who Sell Dust
16. Erased Everything
17. A Different State
18. Be Invisible
19. Omnichord I
20. Closer to Home
21. Something About Birds
22. Beyond the Wire
23. The Kingpin
24. We Are Not Sympathetic Characters

Download “The Kingpin” at:

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